New Year Countdown

Beat the clock, mix the right drinks, and find a partner before New Year's Day!

Use WASD to move around, talk to girls in the party room and make them drinks in the kitchen to romance them before the clock strikes 12!

The amazing music loop for the game was created by Tremor, check out his SoundCloud here:

I've still got a lot more planned for this game, hopefully to come in the next few hours or tomorrow, an increase in difficulty being one of them!

I've yet to add a tutorial to the game, but I hope it's somewhat intuitive as is, if you've got any confusions about it, leave a comment and I'll try reply as soon as possible!

4 things that may be confusing:
1. You cannot press accept on a drink until the glass is full. If you exit the screen the drink will still wait for you to finish it when you come back.
2. You must get girls 4 correct drinks to win.
3. If you get any drink wrong, that girl will no longer talk to you, and you will need to start over with another.
4. The girls pair up quickly, even once you've talked to them, so act fast or serve several women drinks simultaneously.

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AuthorMichael R Ryan
Tags2D, festive, new-years, Pixel Art, weekly-game-jam


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Hehe nice spink